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SDi Monitor

  • FA1013/S (FA1013-NP/H/Y/S (BlackMagic Compatible)) FA1013/S (FA1013-NP/H/Y/S (BlackMagic Compatible))

    FA1013/S (FA1013-NP/H/Y/S (BlackMagic Compatible))

    The Lilliput FA1013/S is a 10.1 inch 16:9 LED monitor with 3G-SDI, HDMI, component and composite video. Designed for pro video customers. Features: SDI,HDMI & YPbPr Input, to connect with Full HD Video CameraLCD 16:9 Aspect Ratio, max...

  • 969A/S (BlackMagic BMCC Compatible) 969A/S (BlackMagic BMCC Compatible)

    969A/S (BlackMagic BMCC Compatible)

    The Lilliput 969A/S (969A/O/P/S) is a 9.7 inch 4:3 IPS LED HD broadcast monitor with dual  HDMI input, YPbPr, 3G-SDI input, component video and build-in sun hood. Optimized for studio and video editing work. 969A/S (with 2 HDMI input...

  • 667/S (667GL-70NP/H/Y/S) 667/S (667GL-70NP/H/Y/S)

    667/S (667GL-70NP/H/Y/S)

    The Lilliput 667/S is a 7 inch 16:9 LED field monitor with HDMI, 3G SDI, component, and composite video inputs. Please Note :The model accepts 50FPS and 60FPS signal only. Specific LCD Monitor by LILLIPUT Uses for Full HD Video CameraSeizing much...