D33 Digital Multimeter

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D33 Digital Multimeter

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Main Features

- function as 3 in 1 : datalogger + multimeter + temperature meter
- multi-connection (more than one device) supported via mobile app
- the change trend analysis accessible via special chart mode
- voice warning supported, which assures measurement safety
- smart voice-reading accessible
- 3(3/4)-digit counterparts
- smart power-off option extending battery life 



electronic circuit debugging

circuit testing

design and manufacture

education and training

automobile maintenance and testing


Performance Specifications

Model D33    
  Measurement Range Resolution Accruacy
DC Voltage V 40.00mV/400.0mV/4.000V/40.00V/400.0V 0.1mV ±(0.5%+2dig)
1000V 1V
AC Voltage   40.00mV/400.0mV/4.000V/40.00V 1mV ±(0.8%+2dig)
V 400.0V/750V 0.1V ±(1%+3dig)
DC Current μA 400.0μA/4000μA 0.1μA ±(0.8%+2dig)
mA 40.00mA/400.0mA 0.01mA ±(0.8%+2dig)
A 1.000A/10.00A 1mA ±(1.2%+3dig)
AC Current μA 400.0μA/4000μA 0.1μA ±(1%+3dig)
mA 40.00mA/400.0mA 0.01mA ±(0.8%+2dig)
A 20.00A 1mA ±(2%+3dig)
Resistance 400.0Ω/4.000kΩ/40.00kΩ/400.0kΩ/4.000MΩ/4.00MΩ 0.1Ω ±(0.8%+2dig)
40.00MΩ 0.01MΩ ±(2%+3dig)
Capacitance 40.00nF/400.0nF/4.000μF/40.00μF 0.1nF ±(2.5%+3dig)
100.0μF 0.1μF ±(3%+5dig)
Frequency 4.999Hz/49.99Hz/499.9Hz/4.999kHz/949.99kHz/499.9kHz/ 4.999MHz 1mHz ±(0.8%+2dig)
Duty Ratio 0.1%~99.9%(typical value: Vrms=1V, f=1kHz) 0.10% ±(1.2%+3dig)
0.1% ~99.9%(≥1kHz) ±(2.5%+2dig)
Temperature -50℃~+400℃ 1°C ±(2.5%+3dig)
Display 3999 count
Frequency (40-400)Hz
Shift Rate on DMM 3  times  /  s
Shift Rate on App 2  times  /  s
Simulated Chart Shift Rate on DMM 30  times  /  s
Bluetooth Module √  (only in B33, and B33+) Offline Recording Function √ (only in B33+)
Auto-scale √  LCD Backlight √  
Diode Test √   Simulated Chart √  
Auto Power-off √  Input Protection √  
On-off Warning √  Input Impedance 10MΩ
Low-battery Indicator √  LCD Size 69 x 52 mm
Data Hold √  Display Area 67 x 46 mm(effective area 66 x 45 mm)
Max / Min Value √  Battery 3V (1.5V x 2)
Relative Measurement √  Weight (without package) 0.32 kg


Dimension (W x H x D)  
Weight (without package) 0.32kg



The accessories subject to final delivery.