B33 Bluetooth Digital Multimeter

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B33 Bluetooth Digital Multimeter

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Main Features

- function as 3 in 1 : datalogger + multimeter + temperature meter
- multi-connection (more than one device) supported via mobile app
- the change trend analysis accessible via special chart mode
- voice warning supported, which assures measurement safety
- smart voice-reading accessible
- 3(3/4)-digit counterparts
- smart power-off option extending battery life
- Bluetooth 4.0 version
- supports mobile device with Android 4.3
or above / iOS 7.0 or above OS, and equipped with ble 4.0 module



electronic circuit debugging

circuit testing

design and manufacture

education and training

automobile maintenance and testing


Performance Specifications

Model B33    
  Measurement Range Resolution Accruacy
DC Voltage V 40.00mV/400.0mV/4.000V/40.00V/400.0V 0.1mV ±(0.5%+2dig)
1000V 1V
AC Voltage   40.00mV/400.0mV/4.000V/40.00V 1mV ±(0.8%+2dig)
V 400.0V/750V 0.1V ±(1%+3dig)
DC Current μA 400.0μA/4000μA 0.1μA ±(0.8%+2dig)
mA 40.00mA/400.0mA 0.01mA ±(0.8%+2dig)
A 1.000A/10.00A 1mA ±(1.2%+3dig)
AC Current μA 400.0μA/4000μA 0.1μA ±(1%+3dig)
mA 40.00mA/400.0mA 0.01mA ±(0.8%+2dig)
A 20.00A 1mA ±(2%+3dig)
Resistance 400.0Ω/4.000kΩ/40.00kΩ/400.0kΩ/4.000MΩ/4.00MΩ 0.1Ω ±(0.8%+2dig)
40.00MΩ 0.01MΩ ±(2%+3dig)
Capacitance 40.00nF/400.0nF/4.000μF/40.00μF 0.1nF ±(2.5%+3dig)
100.0μF 0.1μF ±(3%+5dig)
Frequency 4.999Hz/49.99Hz/499.9Hz/4.999kHz/949.99kHz/499.9kHz/ 4.999MHz 1mHz ±(0.8%+2dig)
Duty Ratio 0.1%~99.9%(typical value: Vrms=1V, f=1kHz) 0.10% ±(1.2%+3dig)
0.1% ~99.9%(≥1kHz) ±(2.5%+2dig)
Temperature -50℃~+400℃ 1°C ±(2.5%+3dig)
Display 3999 count
Frequency (40-400)Hz
Shift Rate on DMM 3  times  /  s
Shift Rate on App 2  times  /  s
Simulated Chart Shift Rate on DMM 30  times  /  s
Bluetooth Module √  (only in B33, and B33+) Offline Recording Function √ (only in B33+)
Auto-scale √  LCD Backlight √  
Diode Test √   Simulated Chart √  
Auto Power-off √  Input Protection √  
On-off Warning √  Input Impedance 10MΩ
Low-battery Indicator √  LCD Size 69 x 52 mm
Data Hold √  Display Area 67 x 46 mm(effective area 66 x 45 mm)
Max / Min Value √  Battery 3V (1.5V x 2)
Relative Measurement √  Weight (without package) 0.32 kg


Dimension (W x H x D)  
Weight (without package) 0.32kg



The accessories subject to final delivery.